How to treat and prevent sunburned lips?

No matter how much we try to avoid it, sunburns are an inevitable fact of life. Despite using umbrellas, sunblock, and other sun-shielding methods, we find ourselves struggling with swollen and red patches on the skin. While we are careful not to expose our skin to the sun, our lips are one of those areas that get less attention. Lack of awareness is a key reason why many people are oblivious because they should protect their lips from the sun’s harmful rays. Without adequate protection from the sunrays, the delicate skin on the lips can burn and turn dark. Thanks to sunless tanning techniques like automated spray tanning booth, one can prevent sunburn and skin sensitivity caused during sun tanning.

When it comes to protecting your lips from sunburn damage, keeping them moisturized and hydrated is essential. In this blog, we have discussed some effective methods to treat and prevent sunburned lips.

How to know if your lips are sunburned?

The treatment of sunburned lips starts with understanding what it is. Some signs to detect sunburned lips are painful, red, and swollen lips. Sunburned lips are sensitive to touch. If not taken care of, sunburned lips may develop white blisters over time. Since our lower lip catches more light, it is more susceptible to get burned. If you are experiencing a tingling sensation on your lips, you might have sunburned lips. The tingling sensation is the same as when you eat something hot or spicy. 

If your lips have developed blisters, it’s best to leave them on their own. Avoid picking or popping the blisters, as it will only elevate the problem. Blisters are actually the body’s way of treating the affected area. The blisters prevent foreign bodies and bacteria from entering the body through skin abrasion.

How to treat sunburned lips?

If your lips have been damaged due to the sun, don’t panic. There are numerous remedies to treat sunburned lips. Sunburned lips take at least a week to recover. During this time, it’s best to keep your lips away from direct sun rays or UV rays. If you are worried about how to get tanned while your lips heal, head to spas in Hampton Roads for sunless tanning treatments.

When treating sunburned lips, soothing the affected area is the primary concern. If your blisters are painful, you can also rely on pain relief medications. Aloe vera works wonders in relieving sunburned lips. For more effective results, refrigerate the aloe vera gel before application.

Applying yogurt or chilled milk to the affected area for 10-15 minutes is also an effective method to soothe the sore lips.

Avoid using petrolatum or heavy oils when treating sunburned lips as they tend to trap the heat in the skin. The use of such products will only cause more damage to the lips.

How to prevent sunburned lips?

Prevention is always better than cure. And preventing sunburned lips is easy. If you experience sunburned lips way too often, it’s best to add lip care products with SPF. Always carry lip balms and lip products when heading outside. Also, avoid going out when it’s peak UV hours.