“I was stuck in a bad relationship for years. My self esteem was at an all time low, and I couldn’t see a future in which I might find some kind of happiness. Thanks to Psychotherapy, I am now much happier, and am looking forward, with a more optimistic perspective”.


“It felt a real relief to be actually doing something finally about my situation. The hardest step I had to make, was just  admitting I had a problem, and needed help. My self esteem and personal happiness have really increased, and I am now much happier, and looking forward to a better life.”


” I was finding increasingly difficult to get up in the mornings. I had no motivation, and just wanted to sleep and watch TV all day. I was avoiding my friends, and was not enjoying  my life anymore. Thanks to therapy, I am now much more enthusiastic about my life. Thank you for believing in me, or rather, helping me believe in myself.”